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Linking the physical and 
digital worlds
Connect and control all your places from one single APP. 
24 / 7
Cloud Recording

With our CR Constant Recording service, we transport your video streams safely through industry-standard 256-bit HTTP SSL encryption protocol to our cloud servers. No more worries about equipment or hard-drive damages as your video files are safely tucked away from theft or intruders. Transform your Skywatch camera into a home security station with our convenient short-term service plans.

Video Summary
Smart Daily

Know what happened during the last 24 hours, in one convenient image tile and clip. We do the hard work of finding the salient events from your video files.

Smart FastForward

By utilizing the latest computer vision and video summarization technology, we make the video skip faster when nothing happens, and slow the video down when interesting events occur.


Just specify who and how you want to share your camera, and Skywatch does the rest for you. Your friends will get alerted notifications too. Neighborhood watch made simple.

IoT sensors and controllers

Environmental sensors provide a better sense of the places, which including intrusion alerts, ambiance monitoring, and automatic rules. 

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