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Anytime, Anywhere
We support popular browsers as well as iOS and Android Apps. Enjoy fluid HD video playback on mobile devices, manage your camera settings and access the SD storage on your cameras. 
Info-tile to get all information 

Skywatch service integrates streaming video and multiple environment sensors. Having a gist of your places at just a glance. 

Get relevant events from Timeline

Timeline - all the events relevant to your places can be found in the timeline feature. Including video-motion alerts, dangerous notification and the records for your automatic rules. 

Connect to all your places

Group view - you can now put your devices under different groups and use the navigator to manage it. The device-tiles are not bound by physical locations and can be easily moved to different groups.

Designed for any Network

Share a single Internet connection between your cameras. Our server infrastructure will make sure to connect to your cameras through the routers. Professional network quality on a budget broadband connection. Skywatch is designed to work with dynamic network addresses.

Installation made simple

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