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On-site Applications
We provide reliable and flexible solutions to our customers which fit various requires under different environments. 
Hotel Solution

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Their major problem of surveillance is mutual for both guest and manager, we provide a super easy way for the hotel owners to share live stream video with their guests. 

Cher & Chris, Nordic Pet Hotel

Skywatch cloud solution allows our customers at Nordic Pet Hotel to look at their pets with their smartphones; perfect for pet lovers.

Mr. Huang, Inn Cube

Skywatch can let us check the status at our 3 branches via mobile phone. Also, we can check the recording when the customers have some trouble.

Chain Store Solution

It's a huge undertaking to manage the branch stores for the owner and managers of the chain stores.Their major problem of surveillance is the levels of hierarchy management between staff. 


Store analytics, you may start observing important trends in your retail shops, discover new opportunities and revenue streams, all with simple pay-as-you-go service plans.

Construction Site Solution

Skywatch provides a complete movable surveillance station to solve the problem for construction site users. It includes outdoor waterproof, 3G/4G wireless router and DC UPS (can support power supply over 12hrs). 

Taiwn Water Corporation

The Taiwan Water Corporation need to monitor the status every construction site, so they need to movable, outdoor and cloud recorder. And, they also need to find the recording when the problem happens (30 days).

Skywatch Corporate Headquarter​

With this mobile station, we could easily manage the schedule of construction site without being there. 

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