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Privacy Policy

Skywatch Inc. (“We”) is a company located on 10F.-1, No.166, Sec. 4, Chengde Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.). We respect and share your concern about privacy. Therefore we have developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, store and protect your personal data.

Data Protection Officer
Mr. Wei-Chau Chen, the chairman of directors of Skywatch Inc.

What Personal Data We Collect
When you purchase products and services through our websites, or register to become a user of our services, you may be asked to provide your account ID, email addresses, name, phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses and other information.

Why We Collect Your Personal Data
We collect your Personal Data for the purposes of "Customer management and service".

The Legal Basis on which We Process Your Personal Data
We process your personal data for the necessity for the performance of the contract you enter into when you create a service account after accepting our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy to provide our service, including video recording, transaction, and customer support.
We also process your personal data for the legitimate interests related to our service, such as enforce our Terms of Use, providing you our latest product information or optimize and enhance our service as mentioned below.
Furthermore, We may process your personal data to fulfill our legal obligations.

Retention Policy of Your Personal Data
We store/use your personal data only during when your service accounts are valid.

Where We Use Your Personal Data
We may use your personal data at geographic locations where our services can be legally operated, and at where you are allowed to access our services.

How We Use Your Personal Data
We may notify you with our latest product information, events, or software / firmware upgrades, as well as to request your help to improve our services. We may be asked to provide personal data through legal proceedings in official government investigations, or if the user has violated the Terms of Use and/or has caused damages to our services or to the other users. We will only provide such information through court subpoena processes.

Rights to Your Personal Data
After agreeing with our Terms of Use and registering with our company as a user, you may use your own discretion to decide the scope of personal data you wish to provide.
You have the right to request an explanation of the personal data that We has about you and how we use that personal data.
You may request to update, inquire, supplement, remove, and obtain copies of your personal data.
You may also request us for restriction or objection to process your personal data. When we are asked to disclose your personal data for the purposes of national security, law enforcement or other public interests, we have the rights to refuse your request to delete your personal data from our databases.
In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint relating to our handling of your personal data with the supervisory authority in your country.

Provision of Your Personal Data
The required personal data need to be provisioned before we can provide our services. You may choose to fill up the optional information, and we shall explain the scope of use for these optional information where they are being requested.

Use of Other Information
We may collect your browsing/online behavior and usage information. These may include your language, ZIP code, area code, device identification / serial number, location, or time zone. These information are used only for the following purposes: to calculate and analyze the statistics of usages, to understand customer behavior, and to improve our services.

Information Safety and Security
Your personal data are password-protected, and we implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on our website whenever possible to ensure data transmission security. To protect your personal data, please do not disclose your login and password, and remember to logout completely and terminate browsers and/or relevant software when you finish using our services. Our websites may contain links to third-party websites. You are personally responsible if you agreed to share your information with the third parties, as we shall not be held liable for your actions.

Contact Detail
If you want to exercise your right to your personal data, file a complaint or have any question or concern about this policy, please contact us directly at or

We may update this policy on a regular basis, and we will notify you upon important policy changes through our website or by contacting you directly.

Terms of Use




1. Scope of the Agreement

The Skywatch Services are operated by Skywatch Inc. This Agreement only applies to users of the Skywatch Services, and does not apply to other products or websites linked from Skywatch Services.


2. Service Description

2.1. Skywatch Services provide users with live and/or recorded video and audio streams from network cameras and its derived services, including online data resource and device settings, from the Internet.
2.2. Users of Skywatch Services are responsible for the electricity supply for the equipments at the site of the services.
2.3. Users are responsible for the Internet connectivity at the site of the services. The quality of the services depends on the type of devices connected to the network and the bandwidth required for these devices (e.g., the speed of the Internet connections and the number / type of the Internet cameras). Users shall provide sufficient and stable network bandwidth and support related equipments in order to use Skywatch Services.
2.4. Because the quality of Internet connection depends heavily on the end-user network equipments and individual Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and because the Skywatch Services rely on users' Internet connectivity, users are responsible for their Internet connections, and Skywatch shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages caused by users' Internet connection interruptions.
2.5. Skywatch Services may transmit messages between end-user devices (e.g., between cameras, servers, and mobile phones). If the messages fail to deliver to the users, Skywatch does not indemnify users against material damage caused by such events, including fire, theft, and flooding.


3. Registration

Users agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information, in particular, email addresses, and maintain valid contact information during the duration of services. Users agree to check their emails on a regular basis as service announcements may be sent through emails. Upon violation of this condition, Skywatch reserves the rights to terminate or cancel user accounts, and users shall not object or seek compensation from Skywatch.


4. Service Quality

4.1. Skywatch guarantees against service interruptions other than those caused by natural disasters (such as fire, hurricanes or earthquakes). For Skywatch Service interruptions beyond three hours, the service fee of the day (if any) shall be refunded to the affected users. Skywatch shall also provide affected users with service credits equal the duration of the service outage. For example, for a service outage that lasts 25 hours, Skywatch shall refund two days of service fees and provide two days of service credits to the affected users.
4.2. Skywatch Services may require occasional downtime for system maintenance purposes. For this purpose, Skywatch shall deduct service fees according to Article
4.1, and contact users via emails at least 7 days before the scheduled downtime.
4.3. Skywatch shall be responsible for the recorded video and audio files generated through the Skywatch Services to the extent that Skywatch shall refund the monthly service charges to the users whose files were lost or damaged, and that these damages can be attributed to Skywatch. Skywatch shall not be held responsible for any claims beyond the service charges.


5. Fees

5.1. For Skywatch Services that require service fees, the services are activated as soon as payments are cleared. The scope and duration of services shall be recorded in the account information for the specific users.
5.2. Skywatch shall compensate the users for service activation delays that can be attributed to Skywatch, such as system or specific hardware issues, according to Article 4. Skywatch shall not be held responsible for any claims beyond the service charges.


6. Scopes of Services

6.1. Our services are not transferable to different cameras, devices, or user accounts. For example, your recording service on one camera can not be moved to a different camera.
6.2. A camera or device can not be registered under multiple user accounts.
6.3. Supplemental Service Information
6.3.1 Skywatch Pal Skywatch Pal is designed for cameras that have already been installed. Users are responsible for installing and maintaining these cameras, and confirm camera compatibility with Skywatch Services. Users are responsible to keep the device or camera IPs up-to-date with Skywatch Services. Cameras using Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) may experience temporary service interruptions when their IP addresses are being updated. Users agree to let Skywatch Services configure camera resolutions, frame rates, and image qualities in accordance with levels of services. Any change to these settings made outside of Skywatch Services may cause service interruptions. Skywatch Services shall not be responsible for camera settings outside of the scope of our services.
6.3.2 Skywatch Inside
Skywatch Inside is a product that allows network cameras to connect to the
Skywatch Services through custom firmware upgrades. Users can subscribe to
Skywatch services with compatible firmwares and cameras, and obtain suitable service plans or token codes through our dealers or distributors. The token codes are, by nature, one-time use and can not be used again once they are consumed. The token codes represent Skywatch Services whose scope and fee schedules are defined in Article 5.


7. Refunds

7.1. Skywatch Services are not refundable once the service plans are activated.


8. Your Privacy

8.1. Skywatch may acquire personal information for the purpose of providing Skywatch Services. These information shall not be revealed to any third party except when Skywatch is requested to provide such information through court subpoena processes.
8.2. Users should protect their own personal information, and should report to Skywatch upon discovery of unauthorized accesses to their service accounts. Skywatch is not liable for any loss or damage caused by improper handling of personal information by the users.
8.3. Skywatch may contact users for the purpose of providing relevant services, e.g., to notify users of service outages, advertisements, and bills.


9. External Links

Skywatch websites may contain links to third-party websites. Skywatch can not guarantee the accuracy and validity of these third-party websites.


10. Amendments

10.1. Skywatch reserves the rights to update and change the contents of the Skywatch Services and websites, and Skywatch shall notify you upon important changes by posting on our websites or by contacting you directly. Articles on product warranty and privacy remain effective throughout the changes of this Agreement.
10.2. Skywatch may update this Agreement on a regular basis, and Skywatch shall notify you upon important changes through our websites or by contacting you directly. Users may choose to stop using Skywatch Services anytime if they do not agree with the new Agreements.


11. Termination

11.1. Skywatch reserves the rights to terminate user accounts upon the violation of the Agreement.
11.2. Skywatch may suspend or terminate accounts for users under the following conditions:

  • Users whose conduct clearly violates common moral standards.

  • Users whose behavior severely increases loading to Skywatch Services.

  • Users whose conduct clearly violates governing law.

  • Users whose behavior severely affects the interests of Skywatch.

11.3. Skywatch reserves the rights to terminate any user account at our own discretion.
11.4. Upon service termination, Skywatch shall remove all relevant user data, and they shall become inaccessible to the user.


12. Service Termination

If for any reason Skywatch Services should terminate or exit the market, Skywatch shall notify you three months before the termination. You agree not to seek damages to Skywatch due to the termination of Skywatch Services.


13. Effectiveness

If part of the Agreement shall become ineffective, the rest of the Agreement shall remain effective.


14. Special Provisions Applicable to the following countries

- Japan. Please contact Skywatch and sign with authorized agent in Japan for special service contract.


15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Agreement is governed and must be construed according to the law applying in Taiwan, Republic of China. Each Party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China with respect to any proceedings that may be brought at any time relating to the Agreement.


Last Updated: Nov. 23, 2018

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