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Nordic Pet Hotel

"... easy to install and convenient to use... perfect for pet lovers ..."

Louisa Coffee

"... reliable, light-weight solution ... great for similar coffee shops or smaller stores."

GMS Motorsports

"Skywatch mobile App enables us to look at the live feed of our garage and our race cars..."

Pandora Jewelry

"... it has become a huge undertaking to manage our branch stores. The problem is best solved with cloud based technology ..."

Common Questions

Internet Camera x Cloud Power. Skywatch gives network cameras horsepower they deserve. Feature highlights include

  • Simple camera installation,
  • Online camera management, multiple live view and recorded video playback,
  • Event notification through email or smartphone push alerts,
  • Online access of SD or NAS files on your cameras,
  • Secure HD live and recorded view on your smartphones, and
  • Camera sharing with access controls.

And did we mention that all of these services are free for Skywatch camera owners?

In addition, we also provide flexible cloud recording plans and cameras for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation Site

  • Skywatch network cameras,
  • Electric power, and
  • A broadband Internet connection. Skywatch works with most types of broadband connections. We recommend you to allocate 1 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera.

For Viewing

  • A broadband network connection, or a 3G / 4G mobile connection.
  • For mobile devices: A smart phone or tablet with iOS 6.1+, or Android 2.3+.
  • For PC or Mac: we support most modern browsers (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).

A webcam needs to be connected to a computer to function properly, whereas a Skywatch network camera connects to the network without the need of a computer. A network camera packs some of the computational power into a small package, and is in many ways very different from a webcam.

Skywatch provides value free services includes event notification, HD live viewing, SD card file access, sharing, etc., on smart phones and browsers. Beyond our free services, we also provide premium online recording services with flexible billing plans.

Get a Skywatch camera, (1) Plug in network and power, (2) Place it, and (3) Register. That's it.

The process is simple enough for most of our customers with basic DIY skills. Of course, if your installation involves more sophisticated wiring or planning, feel free to contact us to locate a suitable installer, at support@skywatch24.com.

All of our cameras are suitable for indoor use. HomeCam 2 and ProCam both support WiFi connections.

For outdoor use, we recommend our ToughCam and ToughDome cameras.

  • HomeCam 2: Wireless cube network camera with night vision and two-way audio.
  • ProCam: Wireless cube network camera with better night vision, two-way audio, and digital input for external sensors.
  • ToughCam: Waterproof bullet network camera. Night vision up to 30 meters.
  • ToughDome: Compact waterproof dome network camera. Night vision up to 30 meters.

We do not place a limit on the number of cameras in your account, nor do we explicitly limit the number of people viewing your cameras.

In general, multiple people can view the same Skywatch camera without adding additional burden to your broadband connection.

Yes. We use 128-bit HTTPS TLS/SSL for all the communications between our server and your viewing clients. It is as safe as your online credit card transactions.

The connection between the cameras and the servers are established through 256-bit AES (Advaned Encryption Standard) encryption, and all the video files are digitally signed so that only certified users can access their own files.

Ultimately, our service is secure only if you use a safe password, and we do recommend changing your password regularly to protect your data.

These free services would not come with sufficient storage for continuous recording purposes. Nor do they provide sustainable upload bandwidth necessary for a proper recording application.

Skywatch cloud storage is designed to store your video files with minimal delay and maximum security, and its add-on features such as video analytics simply can not be achieved with regular online storage services.